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Student Success Initiatives – Too Embarrassed to Seek Help Round Table Discussion

Submitted by Svetlana Marzelli

On Feb. 20, 2018, full-time and part-time faculty members from Cape May County and Mays Landing campuses had a roundtable discussion exploring the reasons students don’t engage with instructors to improve performance.

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Dr. Barbara R. Heard, MT(ASCP), associate professor of Biology, led the discussion. One participant said that “the topic was informative.” Others commented on “fantastic ideas from my brilliant colleagues,” “valuable suggestions provided by other more experienced faculty,” and “wonderful tips from fellow faculty on how to help students.”

Student Success Initiatives – Career and Academic Support Program (CASP)

A message from the Student Success Cross-Functional Committee:

The Career and Academic Support Program (CASP) was initiated in 2016.

CASP will include a cohort of 200-250 college-level freshmen not engaged in other programs. The program is a longitudinal continuation of New Student Day and will offer four student-success interventions at critical junctures of the first semester.

The program team completed creation of two student success videos: Effective Use of Library/Tutoring and Engaging Effectively with a Counselor/Advisor. Two additional student success videos (including one on financial literacy) are to be developed in Spring 2017. The videos offer increased accessibility by allowing students to participate and learn while on or off-campus. The videos are being shown this semester (spring 2017) in ENG 101 courses (10 courses with approximately 290 students). Student feedback in reference to the videos will be assessed and utilized in a feedback loop to improve video content and presentation.

To address the individual needs of students, CASP will pilot the Student Success Navigator program by ETS, Inc.  The program provides information about non-cognitive strengths and challenges such as motivation, time-management, dedication, etc. CASP will tailor specific workshops and interventions based on students’ level of non-cognitive strengths and challenges rather than assuming every student will benefit from the same programs.

A free trial of the program will be utilized the first semester and evaluated via student/faculty/staff feedback and outcomes data.

Student Success Initiatives – Honors Public Speaking

A message from the Student Success Cross-Functional Committee

This semester Dr. Joy Jones-Carmack teaches Honors Public Speaking. The course is designed to foster a more sophisticated level of skill development and theoretical understanding of the concepts presented in COMM120 by using teaching strategies that focus upon the skills of honors students. Emphasis is placed on different assignments that promote a deeper understanding of the concepts taught in the basic course. COMM120 Honors includes group interaction exercises and collaborative learning.

Speeches are practiced in small groups in order to get feedback on content and development. Students in this class will also have a chance to read and discuss essays, articles, and famous speeches. In addition, students complete impromptu speaking exercises to prepare for speaking off-the-cuff and in unpredictable contexts.  Although the COMM120 Honors course will focus on the fundamentals of public speaking, the course will also include a discussion of organizing for change, social movements and political rhetoric.

Students will study the rhetorical works of major social movements.  In addition, students in this class will focus on the political rhetoric of modern times and will discuss the importance of leveraging public speaking skills for involvement and change.

Student Success Initiatives – Career Development

A message from the Student Success Cross-Functional Committee

As part of the Student Success Career Development Initiative, all sections of Introduction to Computers will include a career related activity this spring semester. The goal of the activity is to enhance student awareness of  career options and assist students in making informed career decisions. Click the following link to learn about other career development activities at the college: http://www.atlantic.edu/atd/#career.