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Greetings from the Worthington Atlantic City Campus–April 28, 2017

Cross-Cultural Club Spring Easter Project

group of students and staff gather around Easter baskets.

The Cross Cultural Club displays their Easter baskets for donation to the Atlantic City Rescue Mission.

In early April, members of the Cross-Cultural Club completed their spring project and assembled more than 40 Easter baskets for donation to the Atlantic City Rescue Mission. The baskets were filled with candy, small toys, coloring books and erasable drawing boards. Shirley Shields and Michael Kammer, club advisers, assisted club members with this project.

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The Traveling Adjunct–April 13, 2017

Intriguing Easter Traditions Around the World

With Easter upon us, many in the United States are thinking about visits from the Easter Bunny and all the candy he’ll bring. Others may be getting ready to dye and decorate eggs. Still others who celebrate the Christian holiday may be more reflective, considering Easter to be perhaps the most significant Christian holiday. But, what are some other traditions? I found quite a few really interesting ones on the web that are very different from those in the U.S. So, whether or not you celebrate the holiday, I hope you’ll enjoy this post about some really unique and fascinating traditions. Enjoy!

easter egg


Egg painting dates back to ancient and pagan times. It was customary to give an egg as a gift to pagan gods, and to exchange eggs with friends and relatives on the first day of the New Year and on birthdays. Eggs also held powerful and magical meaning, representing life. It was considered a symbol of spring, marking the end of winter and magic rituals were performed relating to the first signs of spring. Once Christianity was introduced into the Ukraine, the tradition of decorating eggs continued, incorporating the new religious beliefs with the old magical beliefs. Egg painting was usually done in rural areas during the late winter when there was little work in the fields. Ukrainians believed that eggs could put out fires and find lost cattle. They even put eggshells in with seeds to improve the crop yields.


On Good Friday, the Friday before Easter, locals fly homemade kites, traditionally shaped like a cross. It’s thought to have begun when a teacher tried to explain Christ’s ascension to heaven to his Sunday school class. The children had trouble understanding the concept, so he made a kite to explain the story.


Holy Week or Semana Santa in Spain is the last week of Lent, which is the 40-day period before Easter. There are ‘penance processions’ through the streets that are performed by Catholic religious brotherhoods. They wear different colored robes to tell themselves apart and carry life-size images of Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary, accompanied by somber music. Similarly, in Malaga, hundreds of lengthy processions take place. Participants dress in white robes and parade through the streets carrying altar pieces, candles, orange blossom and incense. Continue reading