Greetings from the Worthington Atlantic City Campus–Sept. 21, 2018


Welcome Students Day at the Worthington Atlantic City Campus

The Charles D. Worthington Campus welcomed students on Wednesday, Sept.19, with a Pizza Party and school supply giveaways. The students enjoyed delicious cheese or veggie pizza cooked fresh by Chef Hector Sandebal of Hannah G’s. Additionally, students were treated to desserts including brownies or assorted cookies along with a variety of many other healthy snacks. Students received a notebook, folder, pen and highlighter to help with their school supplies so they can be better prepared for academic success. Many students graciously said thank you for free food and the school supplies.

A gigantic “thank you” to Dean Donna Vassallo, career education and workforce development; students Quran Dabney and Songan Bazemore for volunteering and greeting the students with a smile and kindness; the Student Government Association for sponsoring the activity; Vita Stovall, specialist, student services, and adjunct professor of social sciences for coordinating Welcome Students Day.

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