March Birthdays

Happy birthday to the full-time faculty and staff celebrating this month:

Richard CollinsLenora SheppardClaude Fortune, March 3; Janet MarlerJulia Ratliff, March 5; Curtis Andrews, March 6; Gracellen Etherton, March 8; Cindy DeFalco, March 10; Jed Soifer, March 11; Carlton Fernanders, March 12; Vincent Chainey, March 14; Carol Fraone, March 17; Kathy LandauCarol Melkonian, March 18; Esther James, March 19; Al Jou, March 20; Frank Branca, March 22; Geralyn Michelfelder, March 23; Matthew Gettings, March 24; Jose Jara-ZarrreaMariann Sozio, March 28; Lucille McGlynnJohn Stratton, March 30.

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