Greetings from the Cape May County Campus–Feb. 24, 2017

Submitted by Rebecca Ackley

Dr. Tammy DeFranco, director of Cape May County Campus Student Services and Campus Management, provided several engaging workshops to groups of grateful students over the past few weeks.

Students standing with woman against wall







On Jan. 28, Dr. DeFranco presented a workshop “Finding the Leader Within” to students from Wildwood Middle and High schools. Students were provided with leadership quotes and worked as a group to form their own original quotes. Students learned how these quotes can help them with their academics, life and careers by providing motivation and determination to reach their goals and be successful.

On Jan. 30, Dr. DeFranco provided a “Career Exploration” workshop to CMCC Professor Larissa Platt’s class. Students learned how to use a hands-on interactive career assessment tool and some of the comments were, “I enjoyed looking at different careers that I didn’t know,” and “I’ve learned that there are many different areas I can go into, not just one.”

Dr. DeFranco also provided a helpful time management workshop called “Time is On Your Side” for students Feb.  7, in which she demonstrated how personal calendars and other tools can help keep you on track with your academic and personal goals.

A big thank you to Dr. DeFranco for introducing our students and the community to such valuable and inspirational topics.

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