Atlantic Cape’s Accelerated Learning Program Shows Student Progress

Atlantic Cape Community College students in the Accelerated Learning Program, which allows them to bypass the second-level developmental English course, complete Composition I and II at higher rates than students who start in the developmental course, new data show.

Since 2012, students who tested into the second level of developmental English (Reading/Writing II) have had the option of entering ALP which allows them to bypass the developmental course and go straight into Composition I, the college-level English course, while taking a support course. This program allows students to save time by taking the courses concurrently and beginning college-level work immediately.

Data collected from fall 2012 to fall 2015 show that 82 percent of students enrolled in the ALP track complete Composition I, compared to 44 percent in the Reading/Writing II track. Data also show that 50 percent of ALP track students complete Composition II (when they take it in the semester following Comp I), compared to 23 percent of the Reading/Writing II track students.

“The Composition II completion rates are particularly important because they prove that the students are mastering Composition I,” said Stephanie Natale-Boianelli, ALP coordinator and associate professor of Developmental English. “Composition I is not watered down in any way, and ALP student success is real, which is proven when students do well in the subsequent class with a different professor.”

Students take the Accelerated Learning Program Support course with the same instructor who teaches their Composition I class. The extra time provided by the support class allows instructors to offer individual instruction in a writing workshop environment. Students work on developing reading and writing skills while they work on Composition I assignments. One result of this, Professor Natale-Boianelli believes, is that students see why developing their skills is relevant.

In the ALP support course, instructors also acclimate students to the campus and college services, policies and procedures. In addition, the course promotes the habits of successful students that can be applied to all courses.

For more information on the Accelerated Learning Program, contact Natale-Boianelli at or Daymis Alicea, ALP academic adviser, at Details on other Student Success Initiatives that Atlantic Cape has implemented are available at



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