Greetings from the Worthington Atlantic City Campus–Oct. 14, 2016

Submitted by Linda Palmer

Acts of Kindness Week Oct. 3-7

In an effort to bring awareness to Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault to Worthington Atlantic City Campus, the students, staff and faculty participated in a week of “Acts of Kindness.” They picked cards from designated boxes with either “Students” or “Staff/Faculty.” The cards were already established with printed messages of an act of kindness to perform. The activity was located in the lobby with posted instructions. Staff member Serdentriss Norris from the Faculty Support Office participated several times. One of her acts of kindness was to be kind to the Security staff. She surprised them with a variety of goodies (see picture). The Security staff was very grateful and shared the goodies with coworkers. Also, an anonymous student submitted to AC campus staff a touching letter of appreciation to all college employees (posted below).


Act of Kindness bulletin board at the Worthington Atlantic City Campus.


Assortment of delicious chocolates and chocolate covered cookies.


Officer Tom Coholan and Sargent Deb Rogers from security with the goodies.


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