2017-2021 Strategic Plan Approval and Roll-out

On June 28, the Board of Trustees unanimously endorsed the FY 2017-2021 Strategic Plan. The new plan is very student focused and centers around students’ professional and educational pathways. You will notice that we have four goals now instead of three, as was in the previous plan. The goals are one word each (Connect, Plan, Complete, Lead), which was intentional so they are easy to remember.

The goals are designed to assist students along their educational pathways from the time they Connect with Atlantic Cape, as they create a Plan for the future, and finally as they Complete their educational or professional goals at Atlantic Cape.  The last goal, Lead, is the role the institution serves in supporting the students’ pathways.

You can see the plan in its entirety with the updated, Mission, Vision, Values and Goals by visiting http://atlantic.edu/about/research/documents/2017-2021StrategicPlanBooklet.pdf

The new plan will be rolled out in the months ahead. Institutional Research, Planning and Assessment will make presentations to each of the divisions/departments to provide an overview on how each area aligns. We will share those dates as soon as they are scheduled. Faculty attending the In-Service on Aug. 25, will receive an overview of the plan presented by Dr. Richard Perniciaro.

New Desktop SP signage

Materials showcasing the new plan are being produced including posters, booklets, desktop signs and bookmarks.  The new booklets will be distributed the end of August.  The desktop acrylic sign inserts are available now and were handed out at all three campuses.  All faculty should have received them in their mailboxes.  If you have one displayed on your desk from the old plan, please remove the old and replace it with the new sign (see image above). If you didn’t receive a new one, please contact Cynthia Correa at WACC, Tammy DeFranco at CMCC or the IR office for Mays Landing campus.  Desktop acrylic sign holders are also available upon request by emailing jmartucc@atlantic.edu.

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