Greetings from the Worthington Atlantic City Campus–April 29, 2016

Submitted by Linda Palmer

Earth Day – Worthington Atlantic City Campus

The Worthington Atlantic City Campus celebrated Earth Day on April 21 with an activity for students to name careers that are “outdoors.” The more careers a student could name, the more appealing the prizes became i.e., 16 GB USB drives or solar scientific calculators, compared to a global stress ball, sunglasses or a globe keychain. The most popular careers chosen were: firemen, landscapers, lifeguards, farmers, garbage collectors and park rangers. Can you think of any others?


Some Earth Day cookies served at the Atlantic City Campus.

In addition, a display of posters depicting the Earth’s diversity were done in Instructor Kelly Herbst ESL classes, “Strategies of the American Classroom.” The vastness of the Earth’s diversity makes it an intimidating topic, but in the end, the students chose to highlight the Earth’s environment with designs of animals, flowers, trees, butterflies, gardens, oceans, windmills and different foods.

AC EarthDay

Earth Day career-oriented activity results from students at the Worthington Atlantic City Campus, April 21./Submitted by Vita Stovall, Advisor & Social Science Instructor

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