Reminder for All Employees About College Guidelines for Working With the News Media

As a reminder, the College Relations Office is responsible for bringing the college, its people and events to the attention of the media and the public. College Relations plans a coordinated institutional public relations strategy and pitches stories and responds to specific inquiries from local, regional and national media.

Channeling all contact with the media through the CR Office is essential to ensure that correct and institutionally approved information is released and made available to the proper sources. Please DO NOT speak to a reporter without approval from College Relations.If you are contacted by the media, please notify the College Relations Office immediately at ext. 4907, and refer the reporter to Stacey Clapp, senior manager of public relations/publications, at 343-4907 or

For more information on how College Relations can help bring attention to your programs or students, please visit

Thank you for your cooperation with these guidelines to sharing college news with the media.

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