Greetings from the Worthington Atlantic City Campus–April 8, 2016

Submitted by Linda Palmer

Mountain Climbing in Spotlight for Film/Discussion Event


Mountain climber Jessica Carideo shares her experiences at the March 23 event at the Worthington Atlantic City Campus.

Over 30 students, faculty and staff attended last month’s discussion and film screening of “Meru,” at the Worthington Atlantic City Campus, sponsored by the Spangler Library. Jessica Carideo, a local mountain climber, shared her inspiring journey from office cubicle to big mountain climbing. Ms. Carideo discussed the empowerment and confidence she discovered through climbing and stressed the unique adventures it provided her over the years. After the talk, guests watched the documentary, “Meru,”  a psychological thriller that told an engrossing tale while also exploring just what motivates people to climb.

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Attendants of the documentary screening/discussion at the Worthington Atlantic City Campus.

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