Middle States Working Group Meets Feb. 19

On Feb. 19, Atlantic Cape kickstarted its first Middle States Working Group Meeting. This meeting included all Steering Committee and working group members responsible for developing the college’s Self-Study, which demonstrates the institution’s compliance on eight accreditation standards.

“The Middle States Commission on Higher Education assures students and the public of the educational quality of higher education. The Commission’s accreditation process ensures institutional accountability, self-appraisal, improvement, and innovation through peer review and the rigorous application of standards within the context of institutional mission.”

The Steering Committee is led by appointed co-chairs, Jean McAlister, Dean, Resource Revelopment & President’s Office/Board of Trustees Operations and Augustine Nigro, Professor of History and Government. Steering Committee and Working Group members include:

 Bridget Temme-Soifer, Senior Research Technician, Institutional Research; Jesse Kurtz, Senior Manager, Web Systems & Marketing; Alicia McMackin, Specialist, Office of the President, Board of Trustees, Resource Development, Community & Alumni Outreach; Jennifer Martucci, Senior Manager, Institutional Planning & Research; Eileen Curristine, Dean, Human Resources, Public Safety & Compliance; Leslie Jamison, Dean, Finance; Heather Peterson, Registrar; Jennie Ayres, Events Specialist, Business Services; Cynthia Correa, Director, WACC Student Services & Campus Management; Linda DeSantis, Director, Financial Aid; Kathy Flynn, Assistant Director, Health, Safety & Compliance; Jeff Wenzel, Senior Manager, Grants Accountant; Andre Richburg, Dean, Enrollment Services & College Relations; Janet Marler, Associate Dean, Academic Support Services; Jay Peterson, Associate Professor; Mike Bruckler, Director, College Relations; Danielle Epps, Assistant Director, Admissions; Esther Gandica, Senior Manager, Workforce Training; Joy Jones, Assistant Professor; Kathy Landau, Bursar; Jed Soifer, Associate Professor; Barbara Warner, Associate Professor; Denise Coulter, Dean of Liberal Studies; Nancy Porfido, Director, Student Development and Judicial Officer; Richard Russell, Assistant Professor; Heather Boone, Associate Professor; Stacey Clapp, Senior Manager, College Relations; Cindy DeFalco, Director, Human Resources; Victoria DeLaurentis, Assistant Director, Financial Aid; Kelly Herbst, Adjunct Professor; Dorie Keener, Director, Purchasing; John Stratton, Professor; Dr. Otto Hernandez, Vice President, Academic Affairs; Josette Katz, Professor; Anita Polanco, Assistant Director, EOF; Amy Shelton, Associate Professor; Wendy Gray, Program Officer, Student Services; Barbara Heard, Assistant Professor; Cheryl Knowles-Harrigan, Associate Professor; Lucille McGlynn, Counselor II; Michelle Perkins, Director, Instructional Technology; Beth Sanders-Rabinowitz, Assistant Professor; Shirley Shields, Assistant Professor; Dr. Mitchell Levy, Vice President, Student Affairs & Branch Campus Management; Tammy DeFranco, Director, CMCC Student Services & Campus Management; Gwen McIntyre, Assistant Professor; Renee Battle, Office Coordinator, Enrollment Services; Carlo Favretto, Adjunct Professor; Chris Gamboa, Director, Testing; Lydia Lehr, Assistant Professor; Katherine Melo, President, Student Government Association; Stephanie Natale-Boianelli, Assistant Professor; Alice Rainey, Program Officer, Student Development; Jolie Master, Assistant Professor; Matt Miller, Senior Research Technician; Karl Giulian, Assistant Professor; Mike Kammer, Associate Professor; Mike Sargente, Program Coordinator, Support Services; Joe Sheridan, Chef Educator; Gracellen Thorstensen, Office Assistant, Facilities, Planning & Research; Bojan Zilovic, Assistant Professor; Donna Vassallo, Dean, Continuing Education; Mike Bolicki, Associate Professor; Luis Montefusco, Director, Institutional Research, Assessment & Planning; Annmarie Chelius, Chef Educator; Esther James, Senior Manager, Grants; Jennifer Rowand, Controller; Effie Russell, Professor; Patrick Sweeney, Director Administrative Computing; Russell Waugh, Director, Facilities Management; Marilyn Keiner, Professor; Brittine Pratt, Senior Manager, Resource Development, President/Board of Trustees Operations; William Keener, Director, Security and Public Safety; Svetlana Marzelli, Associate Professor; Donna McElroy, Assistant Professor; Caesar Niglio, Master Technician; Sherwood Taylor, Director, Workforce Development; and Dean Wyks, Assistant Professor.





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