Greetings from the Worthington Atlantic City Campus–Dec. 18, 2015

Submitted by Linda Palmer

Cultural Awareness Day Celebration

Cultural 1

Winners in the Dec. 9 Cultural Awareness Contest: Gurmeet Deol, Faran Mir and Sultana Thomas.

Cultural Awareness Day was celebrated at the Worthington Atlantic City Campus on Wednesday, Dec. 9. Michael Kammer, ESL professor,  invited his class to participate in the activity. Students researched their country for things in common with the United States. The students presented the results of their research. The three students that found the most commonalities won gift certificates to the bookstore. First prize went to Gurmeet Deol from India; second prize went to Faran Mir from Pakistan, and third prize went to Sultana Thomas from Haiti. All participating students won a cultural awareness trophy and a $5 voucher to the cafeteria.  

Students enjoyed the activity and expressed that in a diverse world with multiple religions, it is important to find commonalities rather than focus on differences.

Cultural 2

Participants in the Dec. 9 Cultural Awareness Activity at the Worthington Atlantic City Campus.

Thank you to Professor Kammer for his willingness to have his students embrace challenges and experience different ways of teaching and learning English as a Second Language on campus.

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