CMCC Hosts ‘Adopt-A-School’ Event

Seventeen students from Middle Township Middle School visited the Cape May County Campus for an Adopt-a-School event, Nov. 24. The event was coordinated by Tammy DeFranco, director of CMCC student services and campus management. S.G.A., Circle K and student workers provided tours and were involved with hands-on career exploration activities. Atlantic Cape students shared information about why they are in college and what degree they are pursuing, and they advised the visiting students that passion for a career needs to come before the money they want to make.

After the interactive career exploration session, all students went to the cafeteria where they designed a T-shirt with their career choice.

During lunch, the visiting students showed off their career T-shirts and they received a certificate. The S.G.A. provided music and there was even a small dance session.

Andre Richburg, dean, enrollment management and college relations, welcomed the students and they interacted with him about his career.

The students completed an assessment and provided the following feedback:

  1. They learned about job and volunteer opportunities.
  1. “You shouldn’t base your occupation on the money.”
  1. “You shouldn’t choose your job by how much money you get, but by your interests.”

Seventeen students checked that they are going to attend college, and out of the 17, nine said they are going to attend Atlantic Cape.

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