Atlantic Cape TV and Film Clubs Merge

A message from the Atlantic Cape TV and Film Club:


Lets start out with really great news– Film Club has merged with the TV Club! And why should that be important to you? Answer: With our combined resources we can help you broadcast/film your event, club, documentary, happenings and whatever else you need to say– we can get your stuff out there!

Very soon we will be opening our new state-of-the-art studio at the Mays Landing Campus. Our new facility will have HD industry standard equipment, be able to stream live feed and have the capability for on- and off-site recording.

We plan to interview/highlight movers, shakers, guest speakers, visiting artists, students, faculty, the community, clubs, community events, area professionals, gallery curators, regional events and more.

Let us know what you feel is important to your organization, class, event and how we can help get your message out to the community. Contact us at

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