Students Paint With A Purpose In Art Appreciation Class At Atlantic Cape

Pollack 3 Pollack 1 Pollack 2Students in Senior Adjunct Instructor Richard Monteleone’s Art Appreciation class created Jackson Pollack-inspired paintings outside at Atlantic Cape Community College’s Mays Landing Campus, Tuesday, Nov. 3.

The paintings are auctioned at various college fundraisers to raise money for the Ken Drake Memorial Scholarship, which is available to students studying the arts.

After retiring from a 27-year career at Hammonton High School, where he taught art and art history, Kenneth E. Drake taught visual art classes at Atlantic Cape. In December 2011, Drake passed away unexpectedly at the age of 65. To honor Drake’s memory, Monteleone, of Vineland, created the scholarship fund with money raised from the sale of student paintings.

More photos HERE.

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