Attention CMCC: 4-H Fair May Impact Travel/Parking

This Thursday through Saturday, July 16 – 18, is the annual 4-H Fair.

Starting Thursday, July 16 around noon, the CMCC lot will be staffed by 4-H volunteers.  The lower part of the CMCC lot will be used by 4-H vendors, employees and volunteers.  The section of the lot closest to the building will be used by college employees, students and visitors – anyone with college business.

Anyone with college business should identify themselves as such, and they will be waived through to park.

Those with evening classes Thursday, July 16, and those who work the Thursday evening shift should allow extra time to get to campus, as there will likely be increased traffic on Court House-South Dennis Road around the dinner hour as people come out to the fair after work.

This really only affects CMCC on Thursday, since the campus is closed Friday and Saturday.  Those who work Friday and Saturday should just identify themselves as college employees reporting to work when they encounter a 4-H volunteer at the entrance to the lot.

4-H has no access to the CMCC building during the Fair – just the parking lot.

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