GRADUATION SUCCESS STORY: Egg Harbor Township Resident Finds Balance at Atlantic Cape

Kevin Del Cid, 22, of Egg Harbor Township, was a reserved, shy person in high school, coasting by with no real highs or lows. He never would have imagined leaving Atlantic Cape as the 2014 Communication Major of the Year with an associate degree in communication.

“I took my first communication course, Mass Media, with Keith Forrest. I enjoyed it, so I took another of his classes, and began meeting people within the major. Through these relationships and friendships I just became more comfortable with myself,” Del Cid said.

During his time at Atlantic Cape, Del Cid started got involved with the Atlantic Cape Review as a staff writer, but grew to be the co-editor this spring. He also joined the Communications Awards committee, where he transitioned from a general member to eventually vice chair and show runner.

“We just wrapped up the 8th annual awards and it was the smoothest, most time efficient show we’ve ever produced and I’m real proud of that,” he remarked.

He also said the school provided him a good safety net for finding himself, all while still earning credits and saving money.

“I’ve gained a lot more confidence and found a good balance between my mature, professional self, and my lighthearted joker self, and how both of those sides are needed to succeed and be a genuine person.”

Del Cid’s philosophy for success? To not forget where you come from. “I remember the person I was, and try to help other people that remind me of the person I used to be and how there can always be untapped potential there,” he said.

Del Cid’s next stop is Rowan University, while continuing to work at the Atlantic City Apple Store. When asked where he sees himself in five years, Del Cid replied, “Hopefully still involved in some capacity with Apple in the communications field. I love the company and so far it’s been a great place to work at. I would ideally be out of Rowan at that point and have a job, freelance work, or a great internship.”

Del Cid credits Professor Keith Forrest, who taught him a lot of valuable lessons in and out of the classroom; Briar Gibbons, the 2013-14 Communication Major of the Year who he worked closely with, and his parents with his achieved success.

“My parents came to the country to find a better place to raise me. They found every way to possibly give me a better education and always prioritized it, and for that I thank them. Graduating means a lot, as I’m the first person in my family to graduate, and move on to a four-year school. It means all their work and all my work was not for nothing. It means I’ve grown up to be a better person than I thought I could be.”

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