GRADUATION SUCCESS STORY: Atlantic Cape Instills Need for Success in Egg Harbor Township Resident

Mohamed Shawi, 21, of Egg Harbor Township, will leave Atlantic Cape with an associate degree in biology, but the Student Government Association president takes away far more from his experience here.

Shawi said, “Attending Atlantic Cape has instilled the need for success in my life. I see the world differently and I look forward to life. Most importantly, Atlantic Cape contributed to making me who I am today.”

When asked about challenges he faced at Atlantic Cape, he said, “Probably not being involved in any activities my first year—at the time, I didn’t feel that it was a challenge. Now, I experienced first hand that being involved definitely helps out with being a student. You are spending time with people who are going through the same difficulties as you, people who can relate; I was missing out on all of this, without even knowing.”

Shawi overcame this challenge by first getting involved with the environmental club. From there he went on to become active in Student Government, eventually becoming the president, as well as joining Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society.

In regards to opportunities Atlantic Cape provided, Shawi replied, “The opportunities that Atlantic Cape has provided me with are too many to count, seriously! Having professors who actually care about their students is something so underrated, that in itself helps you get acknowledge and realize what you want to be and which way you should head in order to achieve exactly that. I connected with so many people here, most of whom are extremely helpful and selfless to the point that makes you wonder if you’re actually awake.”

Shawi plans to transfer to University of Central Florida after Atlantic Cape. In five years, you will find him getting ready to graduate medical school, and in 10, working as an ophthalmologist.

His philosophy for success? “I do believe that no hard work or is ever wasted, and you eat what you cook (you get out what you put in); so just keep pushing and giving it your all!”

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