Greetings from the Worthington Atlantic City Campus – April 22, 2015

By Linda Palmer

Grandson News from Rhonda Petruzzi

Keegan Parker Findeison

Keegan Parker Findeison

I would like everyone to meet my grandson, Keegan Parker Findeison, who is our miracle baby.  He was born in September, but was not home with the whole family until December, just before Christmas, and  is now six months old. Keegan has Holoprosencephaly- which happens to one in every 250 pregnancies; only 3 percent of those pregnancies survive until birth, and only 1 percent of that 3 percent survive passed 6 months! Just 1 percent! These babies are truly miracles and every day we get to have with them is a blessing and should be celebrated! He is my little warrior man.

Open House

Open House was held on Tuesday, April 14, from 10 a.m. – noon, at the Atlantic City Campus. Students gathered information about the college and programs of interest including Allied Health, the Academy of Culinary Arts, English as a Second Language and Continuing Education. Tours helped guests become more familiar with the campus. Thank you to all staff and faculty that helped Admissions during this event. Open House

A Note of Thanks

Thank you to John Barker for helping out with building needs during our busy days and a few campus events. His willingness to always pitch in (while short staffed) is much appreciated.

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