ACA Chef Shares Easy Ways to Add Quinoa to a Healthy New Year Diet

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Chef Chelius incorporated quinoa into this breakfast dish by sprinkling it on top of a spinach and cheese omelet.

With the start of a new year, often comes the thought of wanting to incorporate a healthier diet into one’s lifestyle. ACA Chef Educator Annmarie Chelius of Ocean City shares ways quinoa, a grain loaded with nutrients and protein, can be added to a person’s diet. January also is National Fiber Focus Month, which quinoa is loaded with.

The best way to cook quinoa is by adding one part of the grain to two parts liquid in a saucepan, allowing the mixture to boil, and then reducing to a simmer and covering. One cup of quinoa cooked this way usually takes 15 minutes to prepare. Chef Chelius suggests cooking the entire package at once, so you can easily add it to various dishes within a 4-5 day period, as long as it is kept refrigerated.

Easy ways to add cooked quinoa to your diet:

  • Add to omelets (as pictured) or scrambled eggs for a breakfast boost
  • In a favorite smoothie for added thickness, as well as protein
  • As a substitute for rice or noodles
  • With a delicious stir-fry
  • Stirred into your favorite yogurt
  • Stirred into soup
  • Inside a quesadilla

If adding to a dish like eggs or smoothies, ¼ cup is a sufficient amount.

“You’ll feel like royalty if you eat quinoa, the queen of all grains!” Chelius states.

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