Accomplishments – December 2014

Dr. Mitchell Levy, vice president of Student Affairs and Branch Campus Management, has been selected as the 2015 NASPA Region II Community College Professional Award recipient. This recognition is awarded to individuals who have made significant and outstanding contributions to their campus, student affairs and the field of higher education. He will formally be recognized with the award at an upcoming NASPA conference.

Dr. Mitchell Levy served as a program proposal reviewer for the following NASPA conferences: 2015 National Conference, 2015 Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention, 2015 Mental Health, and 2015 Violence Prevention.

Dr. Levy and professors Sue DePhillipis and Judith Otteburn-Martinez presented Career Ignorance Isn’t Bliss: Joining Services with Student Affairs Staff at the 2014 PENN TESOL East Conference at Arcadia University in November.

Dr. Levy served as the Lead Editor of the December edition of the NASPA Student Affairs Partnering with Academic Affairs (SAPAA) Knowledge Community Newsletter, Synergy.

Dr. Levy, professors DePhillipis, Otterburn-Martinez, Maryann Fleming-McCall and Michael Kammer, Associate Dean Janet Marler, and former instructor Jennie Buoy authored a Regional Highlights article describing their presentation at the 2014 NASPA Region II conference. The article is published in the December edition of Synergy.

Dr. Levy served as a NASPA SAPAA Knowledge Community Promising Practices Award proposal reviewer.

Dr. Chad Parlett MA, MS, PhD, has completed a course through the Academy of Clinical and Applied Psychoanalysis (ACAP) titled: Healing through Writing. In addition Dr. Parlett, an alumnus and former EOF student at Atlantic Cape, has completed his sixth course in a third master’s program in criminal justice with a 4.0 average.

Victoria Gallagher, left, with other women recognized for their work in the community as part of WIE.

Victoria Gallagher, left, with other women recognized for their work in the community as part of WIE.

Esther Gandica and Jean McAlister attended the annual Southern NJ Professional Societies’ Annual Engineer of the Year Banquet, Nov. 20, at the Mays Landing Country Club, and met Victoria Gallagher, adjunct professor of mathematics at the Worthington Atlantic City Campus. That evening, Gallagher was appointed as Secretary to IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) and was given recognition for her work in the community as part of WIE (Women in Engineering).

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